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LGM Movie: A Missed Opportunity in Script and Direction


Reviewing LGM aka Let's Get Married

In the film, Gautham (Harish Kalyan) and Meera (Ivana) are a young couple who have been in a relationship for a couple of years. As they plan to take their relationship to the next level and get married, Meera comes up with an idea to spend time with her future mother-in-law, played by Nadiya. She suggests a trip to Coorg as an opportunity to get to know her better. The rest of the movie revolves around the outcome of this adventurous trip and its impact on their relationship.

Movie Overview

  • Release Date: July 28, 2023.
  • Duration: 2 Hours 32 minutes.
  • Director: Ramesh Thamilmani.
  • Editor: Pradeep E Ragav.
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy Drama
  • Music Director: Ramesh Thamilmani.
  • Art Direction: Arun Venjaramoodu
  • Cinematography: Viswajith Odukkathil.  
  • Production Company: Dhoni Entertainment Private Ltd.
  • Produced By: M S Dhoni, Sakshi Singh Dhoni and Vikas Hasija.
  • Star Cast: Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh, Mirchi Vijay, Venkat Prabhu, Sandy Master, Harish Kalyan, Ivana, Nadiya Moidu.


In the film Let's Get Married (LGM), Meera (played by Ivana) keeps repeating the phrase "Eanku oru idea" (I have an idea) in an attempt to make her relationship with Gautham (played by Harish Kalyan) work.

The movie, conceived and produced by Sakshi Dhoni, revolves around a road trip taken by Gautham's mother, Leela (played by Nadiya), and his girlfriend, Ivana, before the young couple decides to get married. While the premise might sound intriguing, the execution falls short.

One of the main issues with the film is the lack of follow-through on its interesting ideas. Both the characters of Meera and the debut film's director, Ramesh Thamilmani, seem to have creative ideas that never come to fruition. Merely having good ideas doesn't necessarily guarantee a good film; it requires a compelling screenplay and conviction to bring those ideas to life.

Furthermore, the movie suffers from a lack of commitment from the actors involved. Actors come and go from the story, and the director makes excuses to cover their absence, resulting in an inconsistent narrative.

The film tries to manufacture conflicts where there are none. For instance, Gautham hesitates to inform his mother about his decision to marry Ivana, and this unnecessary delay creates an artificial conflict that adds little to the story.

Another attempt to add depth to the plot involves the characters taking a trip to Coorg, allowing Ivana to get to know her future mother-in-law. However, Gautham's handling of this situation lacks transparency, as he keeps important information from his mother.

Additionally, the introduction of random characters during the trip serves no purpose and fails to contribute to the humor or overall plot. In essence, "Let's Get Married" struggles to deliver on its promising ideas, hindered by weak character development, inconsistent performances, and unnecessary plot complications.

Plus points

  • Ivana's performance stands out and impresses the audience.
  • The cinematography is well-executed, adding visual appeal to the movie.
  • The songs and background scores enhance the overall experience and contribute to the film's musical aspect.
  • The humor scenes featuring Yogi Babu and Mirchi Vijay bring laughter and enjoyment to the viewers.

Minus Points

  • The film suffered from pacing issues, with several parts feeling slow and dragging.
  • The climax of the movie left the audience unsatisfied and wanting more.
  • The screenplay was lacking and failed to engage the viewers effectively.
  • Some comedy sequences fell flat and did not manage to evoke the intended humor.
  • The inclusion of illogical scenes involving a tiger seemed out of place and unrealistic.
  • The concepts introduced in the movie were not executed as effectively as they could have been, leaving room for improvement.

Technical Aspects

The CGI effects towards the end of the movie were poorly done, and the inclusion of the illogical tiger sequence only worsened the overall viewing experience. The inconsistent color tone and subpar camera angles gave the impression of watching a commercial or a short film, which was disappointing.

The cinematography by Viswajith Odukkathil lacked creativity, with average angles and shots that failed to impress. The editor, Pradeep E Ragav, could have improved the film by trimming unnecessary and boring scenes, as the movie's length felt tedious and dragged on. A smoother viewing experience could have been achieved by cutting out the unnecessary parts.

The movie's music and background scores, composed by Ramesh Thamilmani (the Director of the film), had some highlights. The song "Salana," written by Madhan Karky and sung by RK Adithya, was a decent melody. "Grill Chicken," a folk song sung by Gana Vinoth, was somewhat enjoyable.

The fast-paced song "Kaattu Payapulla," with Anthony Daasan's energetic vocals, stood out, along with "Paal Dabba." "Tikki Tikki Tata," a party song sung by Nithyasree Venkatramanan and Madhu Iyer, had a good vibe, thanks to Madhan Karky's lyrics.

The song "Is Kis Kifa," featuring the dance performance of Sandy Master, was exceptionally well done and added to the movie's appeal. Overall, the songs and background scores were enjoyable to listen to.


Let's Get Married (LGM) turned out to be a disappointing experience for me. Despite having a talented cast, including Ivana, Harish Kalyan, Nadiya, Yogi Babu, and Mirchi Vijay, the film failed to capitalize on their performances due to a lackluster screenplay and mediocre direction.

The poorly crafted script and moderate direction led to a tedious and unengaging narrative, leaving me uninterested in the story's progression. While the actors did their best with their roles, their efforts couldn't salvage the movie or transform it into the fun-filled laughter film it aimed to be.

As a fan of MS Dhoni, I had high expectations for this movie, but unfortunately, it didn't live up to the anticipation. The film lacked the charm and entertainment value that one would have hoped for from a production associated with a notable name like Dhoni's.

In the end, "Let's Get Married" missed the mark in delivering a compelling and enjoyable cinematic experience. It serves as a reminder that even with a talented cast, a movie's success hinges on a well-crafted screenplay and strong direction, both of which were lacking in this particular outing.


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