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9xMovies - 9xMovies 2024 Bollywood & Hollywood Latest Movies For Free


9xMovies 2024 - Watch Bollywood, Telugu, and Tamil Movies

In today's world, lots of people love watching movies, no matter how old they are. But, because everyone's so busy nowadays, not everyone can go to the movie theater to see the newest films. Many folks really want to watch the latest movies but can't make it to the cinema because of their busy schedules.

So, the big question is: How can busy people enjoy movies without going to the theater? Well, most people have a mobile phone and internet connection these days. Phones have become a big part of our lives and guess what? Now, you can watch the newest movies right on your mobile device.

There are websites on the internet where you can download movies, and one of them is and These websites give you access to the latest Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, and even Hollywood movies. But, it's important to know that watching movies online is okay, but downloading them without legal process is not cool. It's not right, and it can cause big problems.

9xMovies Overview

Aspect Information
Name of Website,
Type of Movie Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, and Tamil movies
Category Entertainment
Use Download & Transfer the Movie
Movie Stats New Released & Old
Website Type Torrent
Genres Action, Thriller, Comedy, Drama
Download Film Free of Cost

How to Download from 9xMovies in 2024?

A lot of people really enjoy having fun, and one cool way to do that is by watching movies online. You can find all sorts of movies on the internet, from the newest Bollywood hits to Telugu, Tamil, and Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi. There's always something new to watch, which is awesome!

Now, there's this website called 9xMovies today where you can get your hands on the latest movies for download. But, here's the thing – this website does things the wrong way, especially when it comes to the brand-new movies. Doing things illegally like this can cause big problems for the people who make the movies.

Getting movies from websites like or might be a little tricky because they keep changing their web addresses a lot. And guess what? Google might even block these websites in the future because of their illegal stuff. So, every time you want to download a movie, it might be a bit different because they keep changing things up.

Watching or downloading movies from a piracy website like 9xmovies can get you into trouble – like a three-year jail term and a fine of up to Rs. 3 lakhs kind of trouble. But hey, if you're still thinking about checking out movies from these sites, you can do it a bit safer with a VPN.

Now, what's a VPN? It's like a secret tool that hides your online identity. It makes a private network out of the regular internet we all use. So, when you use a VPN, you can download movies from a site like 9xmovies without showing your real online address.

Here's a simple way to use a VPN for 9xmovies:
  • First, you gotta have a VPN on your phone to get around the website block.
  • Once you got the VPN app, open it up and pick an IP address from a country where 9xmovies isn't banned.
  • Change that IP address, and voila! You can now check out the website without giving away your real location.

What Kinds of Movies can you find on 9xMovies 2024?

Category Description
Assamese 9xMovies Assamese movies, old and new, for those who understand the language.
Bollywood 9xMovies Big-budget Bollywood hits with epic stories.
Hollywood 9xMovies Hollywood movies in English or dubbed in Hindi, catering to fans of both languages.
Bhojpuri 9xMovies A collection of catchy Bhojpuri films, including the latest releases.
300MB 9xMovies Movies with a file size of up to 300MB, perfect for those with limited storage space.
Hindi Dubbed 9xMovies Movies from Telugu, Tamil, and Hollywood dubbed in Hindi for Hindi-speaking audiences.
Fan Dubbed 9xMovies biz Movies dubbed by fans, offering a unique viewing experience.
Dual Audio 9xMovies press Latest releases from Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, and Hollywood with dual audio options.
Punjabi 9xMovies com Dedicated to Punjabi movies, known for their catchy songs and a strong fan base.
Gujarati 9xMovies com Gujarati movies in the Gujarati language or dubbed into it, catering to the local audience.
Telugu 9xMovies biz Action-packed Telugu movies with renowned superstars like Prabhas and Allu Arjun.
Pakistani 9xMovies com A collection of Pakistani movies from Lollywood, although the selection may be limited compared to other industries.
1080p 9xMovies today Movies in high definition 1080p quality.
Trailer Trailers for upcoming movies.
TV Shows Entertaining television series.
Web Series Series specifically produced for online platforms.

Movies categorized by Size and Video Quality on

Sizes Video Quality
300MB 240p
400MB 360p
600MB 480p
1GB 720p
1.5GB HD
2GB 4k
3GB 8k
mkv Various

Latest Movies and Web Series on 9xMovies 2024 Latest 2024/2023 Movies List
1. Ayalaan (2024) DVDScr 2. Captain Miller (2024) DVDScr 3. Mission: Chapter 1 (2024) DVDScr
4. Hanu Man (2024) DVDScr 5. Merry Christmas (2024) DVDScr 6. Sevappi (2024) HD 720p
7. Sila Nodigalil (2024) HD 720p 8. Tiger 3 (2023) HD 720p 9. Conjuring Kannappan (2023) HD 720p
10. Hi Nanna (2023) HD 720p 11. Kaathal – The Core (2023) HD 720p 12. Parking (2023) HD 720p
13. 12th Fail (2023) HDRip 720p – HQ Audio 14. Annapoorani (2023) HD 720p 15. License (2023) HD 720p
16. Chevvaikizhamai (2023) HD 720p 17. Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire (2023) DVDScr 18. Saba Nayagan (2023) DVDScr
19. 80s Buildup (2023) HD 720p 20. Kida (2023) HD 720p 21. Kuiko (2023) HD 720p
22. Ghost (2023) HD 720p 23. Toby (2023) HD 720p 24. Fight Club (2023) DVDScr
25. Kannagi (2023) DVDScr 26. Spark L.I.F.E (2023) HD 720p 27. Enjoy (2023) HD 720p
28. Margazhi Thingal (2023) HD 720p 29. Sesham Mike il Fathima (2023) HD 720p 30. Japan (2023) HD 720p
31. Jigarthanda Double X (2023) HD 720p 32. Raid (2023) HD 720p 33. Animal (2023) DVDScr
34. 800 The Movie (2023) HD 720p 35. Noodles (2023) HD 720p 36. Chithha (2023) HD 720p

Why 9xMovies is so Popular?

The 9xMovies site, where people download movies, has become really popular online, and there are a few big reasons why:
  • First off, it's like a movie hub where you can find the newest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed, and regional language films. So, if you love movies, it's like a dream place.
  • Next up, 9xMovies gives you options. You can pick the size of the movie you want – like 360p, 480p, or 720p HD. This is cool because you can choose based on how fast your internet is or how much data you have.
  • And guess what? Before you decide to download a movie, 9xMovies shows you pictures from it, so you can see how good it looks. Plus, the best part is that all these movies are free. Yup, you heard it right – no cost!


The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not endorse or promote any illegal activities, including the use of unauthorized websites like 9xMovies,, 9xMovies com, 9xMovies press, or 9xMovies today for streaming or downloading movies and shows.

It is strongly recommended to use legal and legitimate streaming services to access and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. Engaging in the use of unauthorized websites may violate copyright laws and terms of service agreements.

The content of this article is meant to inform users about various topics and does not encourage or support any form of piracy or copyright infringement. We encourage readers to respect intellectual property rights and to choose legal alternatives for their entertainment needs.


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