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Meta Kya Hai? Janniye Hinglish Mein 2023

Meta Kya Hai?

Aapne shayad "meta" shabd ke baare mein suna hoga. Aajkal bahut se websites aur blogs mein meta ka istemaal kiya jaata hai. Lekin kya aap jaante hai ki meta kya hai? Is article mein hum "Meta kya hai?" ke baare mein jaankari pradaan karenge.

Meta ka matlab hota hai "information about information". Jab aap kisi website ya blog par visit karte hai, toh us website ke source code mein aksar meta tags hote hai. Yeh meta tags search engine ko batate hai ki aapke webpage ke baare mein kya hai. Search engines, meta tags ko padhkar aapke webpage ko better understand karte hai aur unhein search engine results mein sahi jagah par dikhate hai.

Kuch common meta tags hote hai:

Title Tag

Title tag, ek HTML tag hota hai jo aapke webpage ke title ko define karta hai. Yeh tag search engine ke liye bahut important hai, kyonki title tag mein likha hua content search engine results mein dikhaya jaata hai. Isliye, title tag ko short, descriptive aur keyword rich rakha jaana chahiye.

Meta Description

Meta description, ek HTML tag hota hai jo aapke webpage ke baare mein information provide karta hai. Yeh tag search engine results mein aapke webpage ke title ke saath dikhaya jaata hai. Isliye, meta description ko attractive, informative aur keyword rich rakha jaana chahiye.

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords, ek HTML tag hota hai jo aapke webpage ke liye important keywords ko define karta hai. Yeh tag search engine mein bahut kam importance rakhta hai, lekin phir bhi kuch search engines meta keywords ko padhkar aapke webpage ko better understand karte hai.

Robots Meta Tag

Robots meta tag, ek HTML tag hota hai jo search engine ko batata hai ki aapke webpage ko kaise index karna hai. Yeh tag bahut flexible hai aur aap use karke search engines ko aapke webpage ke content ko index karne se rok sakte hai.

Toh yeh thi "Meta kya hai?" ke baare mein jaankari. Meta tags search engine optimization (SEO) ke liye bahut important hai, kyonki yeh search engine ko aapke webpage ke baare mein information provide karte hai. Agar aap ek website owner hai, toh aapko apne website ke liye sahi meta tags ka istemaal karna chahiye, jisse search engines aapke webpage ko better understand kar sake aur aapke website ko sahi jagah par dikhaye.


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