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Janiye Election Commission of India ke bare mein. 2023

Hello, friends par apka welcome hai aaj hum Election Commission of India ke bare mein kuch points discuss karne wale hai. Agar apko Election Commission of India ke bare kuch idea prapt karna hai toh ye blog post bilkul apke liye hai.

Election Commission of India kya hai? Aur kaise kam karta hai?

Doston Election commission ek permanent aur independent body hai jisko Constitution of  India ne established kiya hai jo ensure karta hai free and fair election pure India mein. Article 324 ke tahat India mein hone wale sare elections Parliament, State legislatures, office of president of India, and office of vice-president of India ka pura power aur control election comission of India ke upar hota hai.

Isiliye hum election commission ko all India body bol sakte hai is sense mein ki election commission common hai Central government  aur state government ke liye. Lekin election commission ka state mein hone wale panchayats aur municipalities election mein koi haat nahi hota hai, uske liye constitution alag se state election commission provide karta hai.

(Article 324 - Elections ka lead, dekh-rekh, and control ka jimedari election commission ke upar hai)

Composition (banawat) of Election Commission.

Article 324 ke tahat constitution of India ne composition of election commssion ko lekar kuch provisons banaye hai.
  • Chief election commissioner aur anaya election commissioner ko kebal president hi appoint kar sakta hai.
  • Jab anya election commissioner ko appoint karne ki bari aata hai  tab chief election commissioner, chairman of election commission ke tarah act karta hai.
  • election commissioner aur regional commissioner ke condition of service aur tenure ko president hi determine karta hai.
Jab election commission aarambh hua, 1950 se lekar 15 october 1989 tak election commission ek single member body ke tarah function karta tha jaha ek chief election commissioner hota tha.
16 october 1989 ko president ne 2 aur naya election commissioner bana dia kyunki election commission ne voting age ko 21 years se 18 years kara tha aur single commissioner se manage nahi ho pa raha tha.

Uske bad se election commission multimember body ke tarah kam karne laga ja sirf 3 election commissioner tha. fir bad mein january 1990 ko 2 commissioner ke post ko hata diya gya. Aur firse wo single member body ban gya.
Then again 1993 ko president ne 2 naye election commissioner ko appoint kiya aur tab se aaj tak election commission ek multimember body hai 3 election commissioner ke saath.

Chief election commissioner and 2 anya election commissioner ke pass equal power, equal salary and  allowances, aur equal facilities hote hai, jo ki supreme court ke judge se simillar hote hai.
Agar chief election commissioner aur anya 2 election commissioner ke opinioms mein differences hota hai toh wo matter election commission majority ke based par decide karta hai.

Chief commissioner aur 2 anya commissiner ke service tenure 6 years ka hota ya fir jab tak wa 65 years ke nahi ho jate. Aur wo kabhi bhi resign de sakte hai ya service se phele remove bhi kiya ja sakta hai.


Q: Bharat mein Election Commission kya hai?
A: Election Commission of India Bharat mein chunaav ke saare kaaryakaari karyon ke liye jimmedar hai. Yah ek independent constitutional body hai, jiska mukhya kaam Bharat ke chunaav prakriya ko nirdharit karna hai.

Q: Election Commission ka mukhya uddeshya kya hai?
A: Election Commission ka mukhya uddeshya desh mein chunaav prakriya ko nirdharit karna aur ise niyantrit karna hai. Iske alawa yah bhi jimmedar hai ki chunaav prakriya mein kisi bhi prakar ki aparaadhik gatividhiyon ko roka ja sake.

Q: Election Commission ka karya kaise karta hai?
A: Election Commission ka kaam chunaav prakriya ko nirdharit karna, chunaav ke samay kanoon aur nirdesho ka paalan karna, chunaav ke samay karyavahi ke liye zaruri dhanrajya, vahan aur aavashyak saman ki prabandh karana, chunaav ke samay mukhya prachar abhiyan tatha aparaadhik gatividhiyon ke prati karyavahi aadi hai.

Q: Bharat mein Election Commission ke kuchh adhikari kaun kaun hote hain?
A: Election Commission mein kuchh adhikari hote hain, jaise ki Chief Election Commissioner, Election Commissioner aur Deputy Election Commissioner.

Q: Voter ID card kya hai?
A: Voter ID card Bharat mein ek maanyata praapt election card hai, jo desh mein chunaav prakriya mein matdaan ke liye upyog kiya jaata hai. Yah card har voter ke liye zaruri hota hai, jisse vah chunaav prakriya mein matdaan kar sake.

Q: Voter ID card banane ke liye kya zaruri hai?
A: Voter ID card banane ke liye aapke paas 18 saal ki umar honi chahiye aur aapka naam matdata suchi mein shamil hona chahiye. Iske alawa aapko apne paas address proof aur age proof ka dastaavej bhi hona chahiye.

Q: Voter ID card banane ke liye kahaan jaana hota hai?
A: Voter ID card banane ke liye aapko apne najdiki Election Commission office mein jaana hota hai. Aapko vahaan jaakar apne dastaavej submit karne hote hain aur ek form bharna hota hai.

Q: Voter ID card ke liye koi fees lagti hai?
A: Nahin, Voter ID card banane ke liye koi fees nahi lagti hai.

Q: Voter ID card ke bina kya chunaav mein matdaan nahi kar sakte hain?
A: Haan, Voter ID card ke bina aap chunaav prakriya mein matdaan nahi kar sakte hain. Voter ID card aapke paas hona zaruri hai, jisse aap matdaan kar sakte hain.

Q: Election Commission ke dwara chunaav prakriya ke dauraan kis tarah ki karyavahi ki jaati hai?
A: Chunaav prakriya ke dauraan Election Commission aparaadhik gatividhiyon ko rokne ke liye tayyar rehta hai. Iske alawa vah chunaav prakriya ke dauraan samay-samay par nirdesh aur saavdhaaniya jari karta rehta hai. Agar koi aparaadhik gatividhi samne aati hai, to Election Commission turant karyavahi karne ke liye taiyar rehta hai.

Q: Bharat mein kaun-kaun sa chunaav hote hain?
A: Bharat mein Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha aur Vidhan Sabha chunaav hote hain. Lok Sabha chunaav 5 saal ke antaral par hote hain, Rajya Sabha ke sadasyon ka chunaav saal ke antaral par hota hai aur Vidhan Sabha chunaav 5 saal ke antaral par hote hain.

Q: Chunaav prakriya mein kaun-kaun sa kanoon hai?
A: Bharat mein chunaav prakriya ko niyantrit karne ke liye kuchh kanoon hote hain, jaise ki Representation of People Act, 1951, Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961, Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order, 1968, aur Model Code of Conduct for guidance of political parties and candidates.


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